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“I believe in fusion cuisine, which is the fruit of time, innovations, and migration, the integration of uses and customs of different cultures. In short, fusion is a product of history.”

Alain Dutournier, chef.

Cocina La Mar de Bien

La Mar de Bien proposes above all hearty meals. Food prepared with care and quality.

Our proposal is to integrate local Caribbean dishes with flavors of the world. We specialize in fish, seafood, meat and chicken, coconut, plantains, cassava, pepper, yams and a variety of local ingredients, in which quality and freshness, allow for the authenticity of what the Caribbean provides. Its colors, aromas and flavors are mixed with new proposals of International dishes, such as Thai and Peruvian food.

Typical dishes like red snapper with coconut rice, fried plantains, or rice and shrimp, Boronia, and the cayeye, are made to perfection. We also take pride in our paella, ceviche, seafood casseroles, seafood rice, fish, meat or chicken flavored with passion fruit sauce, coconut, or tamarindo. Risottos, pastas, burgers and sandwiches are also available for those who prefer to eat something light, especially at night.

Typical desserts like sweet coconut, De icacos made with sweet mango or tart. Enyucado and others, are presented with your foods. We offer variety of fresh fruit juices such as nispero, zapote, corozo, guanabana, mango and others.

Gourmet vegetarian menu

Delicious dishes, for those who do not eat meat or shellfish, such as quinoa risotto, couscous with dried fruit, lentil ratatouille, roasted peppers, eggplant and vegetables in various forms are prepared with the same care and dedication.

The menus are designed always seeking the satisfaction of our guests. Hence the use of high quality products that become delicacies to locals and visitors.