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La  Mar de Bien

About Us


Sometime ago, my wife and I decided to build La Mar de Bien and embark upon what a good friend called a beautiful adventure. In its development, we have lived more than an adventure and it certainly has been beautiful. We began with the idea of a partial retirement or an active pension house by the sea to share with special guests. We wanted to share the delight of the Caribbean Sea and its pleasures as we did during our last working days in the Uduupa Hut by the Bello Horizonte sea in Santa Marta, which has since been absorbed by the pressures of the real estate industry.   

In the exhaustive search for the right site that took several years, we finally found the ideal place for what would be the start of this amazing dream. We brought elements from our old home: mud tiles, wooden doors and closets, windows and aluminum doors, the kitchen, equipment, fences and indefinite reusable components. In our old home, the walls, columns, swimming pool and our hearts remained. Our purpose, of course, was to recycle elements to conserve energy and use ‘green building methods’ for sustainable construction. We also mixed the extracted elements from the place: Oak from Magdalena region, stones thrown by the sea and songs sweeped from the streams and rivers of the region, and of course, the local workforce of specialized “costeño” craftmen.

We wanted the name to be special, something unique with a personality of its own. La Mar de Bien was born from an old saying from Alejandra, my mother, who changed words with humor and used “lo más…” for “la mar…” For instance, her response to the question, How did it go on the trip or at the doctor’s office? she would respond gracefully and with certainty, ‘la mar de bien’ instead of the usual response ‘lo mas de bien.’ And so it remained, La Mar de Bien, due to its accuracy and affection, this unusual name for a place to enjoy and share.


Eco construction with five splendid rooms distributed in two floors and an attic. The rooms on the second floor and attic have balconies, plus an independent bungalow, planted in a coconut tree forest, wetlands bio-system-madre vieja-, oak and timber trees, native beach vegetation and fruit trees.

The Property includes beach, kiosko, hammocks, and beach benches in front of the sea, big umbrella in a garden with a pineapple oasis, icacos and sand, and from this season we have a beautiful swimming pool as part of the new additions.

It also has a clean water refinement system with double filter and UV purification lamp, as well as an electric supply plant.